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15/12/2006 The Scotland tour goes on. Left Edimburg we go to Inverness e Culloden
06/12/2006 New pics from Scotland : Linlitgow Palace and Rosslyn chapel
05/12/2006 New pics from Scotland : Blackness Castle and Craigmillar Castle
28/11/2006 New pics from Scotland : Tantallon Castle
20/11/2006 New pics from Scotland : Dirleton
19/11/2006 New pics from Scotland : Alnwick
16/11/2006 Online the first Scotland's pics : Edimburg
14/11/2006 Not big news yet, the time to prepare big updates still lacks.
Anyway, I take the occasion to make my excuses for all the trash that had finished into the guestbook. I inserted a filter that for the moment should fix the problem.
14/07/2006 I added the first pics form the Tuscanian vacation: let's start with Volterra
05/04/2006 Just added the pics from the Geneve Autoexpo of 2006
29/03/2006 I added to the Geneva page some pics from the Autoexpo's weekend
15/03/2006 News in the Diary section from now interactive thanks to the possibility to leave comments

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